Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Exclusive Interview with Former FC Pune City Technical Director Jose Hevia

We were honoured to have an exclusive interview with Coach Jose Carlos Hevia (former FC Pune City Technical Director and Head of Grassroots development). He is a UEFA Pro license holder with over 26 years of coaching experience in Spain and India. Coach Hevia was incharge of FC Pune City’s Grassroots development from December 2014 to July 2016 and was given an enormous task of setting up FC Pune City academy from scratch.

First of all we were curious to know about his experience in  India. With a sense of contentment Coach Hevia replied, “The experience was unbelievable even with all the difficulties of being a new project and the time that I needed to fit to a new country and a new culture completely different to the culture and habits of my country. The first months were to start with the essential steps that a project of a professional football club needs, following the rules of the European football that I wanted to entrench in Pune. Once the project was ongoing, everything was running till the end of my stage in Pune obviously with the own difficulties of the activity however with my satisfaction of doing at least the main aims.”
For the right training method to be implemented at grassroots level Coach Hevia conducted train-the-trainer program which was attended by coaches, physical education teachers and parents. “I´m an ambitious person so I always want to reach the highest levels of excellence in all the projects that I´m in charge for that reason I guess that we could go further than we were but bearing in mind the overall conditions it was a great starting,” Coach Hevia said.
Most of the ISL clubs are affiliated with some of the best European clubs. With this new European style of coaching given to kids we were curious to know the timeframe needed for ISL academies to be on par with European academies.  Coach Hevia said,“The most important thing in every project with these characteristics is the time that everyone needs to acquire the new dynamic, style, actions, processes, and concepts of working therefore it´s very important to avoid working with rush and 
giving the necessary time that every stage needs to grow. The brain is very clever and tend to use always the concepts entrenched so there will be always difficulties to install the new information. So thanks to my background either as football coach and psychologist, it´s necessary a minimum of two years for starting to give a good shape to the project.”

The Sports Company played a crucial role in bringing Coach Hevia to India. When asked about his association with Mr. Varun Chopra (Founder and Managing Director of The Sports Company) & Raaghav Sood (Co-Founder and Technical Head of The Sports Company) he said," Excellent, remarkable, awesome … I would be able to continue without stopping with the list of positive adjectives that I have for talking about Varun and his staff. Thanks to him, I was able to take the most complicate step forward  in the career as football coach that is the change from the amateur world to the professional world and if I had the chance to do, it was for the good work and management of Varun Chopra and The Sports Company. I can afford to say without a doubt that Varun is more than a partner, he is my family in India.”

Coach Hevia agrees with the AIFF 2017 roadmap of Indian football in which ISL will become the top tier of Indian football eligible for Asian competitions. He added that time is very important for improving in all directions and competition mus have enough amount of time in order to develop.

Upon asking him if he would like to return to India in the near future, He was confident about his immediate return, “Absolutely, in fact Varun and his staff are working very hard to make a definitive agreement with a football club that can be good for all the stakeholders. I would like to carry on with the work I´ve started in Pune in order to grow all together with the idea of going up till the highest standard of the football activity and I would like to do it as head coach of the main team of the institution who can bet for my project, idea and style of working.”


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